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Presale of "Becoming" a 90 Day Curriculum to a Better You & a 50k Guarantee in Business Funding

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Do you feel like life is happening to you instead of you making life happen? That’s exactly how I used to feel until I met a mentor that completely changed the way I thought about things. Once I changed my thoughts, my bank account changed to! Everyday life was “becoming” better.

I thought long & hard about what I could offer the world at this time in my life & "Becoming" is it!

Becoming is 90 Day curriculum helping you develop the right mindset, providing you with the proper guidance & practical application to change your life for the better.

By completing the "Becoming" curriculum you'll receive 50k in BUSINESS FUNDING GUARANTEED!!!

It will also cover how to:

Develop a Billionaire Mindset

Structure Your Business Profile for Success

Obtain Business Credit & Funding

Manage Your Time Effectively 

Develop a Social Media Strategy for Your Brand

Marketing More Effectively 

Hire a Team now cost effectively 

Improve Money Management Habits 

Launch a Product

Create a Digital Product 

Start investing in the Stock Market

Create Passive Income

Bonus - Invest for Your kids

What I realized is, we’re always becoming. We never actually become. I teach you how to embrace that, get money & live your best life 💚

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